Wednesday, December 15, 2010

more xmas gift ideas

I decided to create a gift box for hand made cards for my mom! She is my number 1 fan of my cards...I know this because she is always calling me to tell me she needs a card for Cousin So-n-So, or someone at her church needs a thank you card, or somone has a birthday etc. So I decided to create a Card box for her and include a dozen hand made cards for all occasions....I think she will enjoy the cards as well as the card box to keep them in.....I am sure she will let me know when her box gets low......(lol) so for now she will start the new year off being prepared for just about anything that pops up!
The box was plain and  purchased at Michaels....and the other scrap materials to cover it are from various stores to bring it all together!

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