Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hello Fellow crafter's...welcome to Touch Of Tewshay Tews-day!!! I was trying to post this earlier today but my day was consumed with handling cable issues. Anywho...here is my creation for the day...YOU MAKE ME LAUGH...I'm in the process of building my collection for having some cards pre-made to give out at a moment's notice. I have a catagory that allows cards of this type to be filed under... HELLO...under this title you can file cards that are simple acknowledgement type of cards or recognition type of cards. I know we do a lot of communicating via email & texting...but I still love to receive cards in the mail and these types of cards are most memorable to receive because they are sent just because you thought of that person that day....I hope this brings inspiration to you...I took a basic card and made 3-dimensional hearts by adding pop-ups , a few flat sided green pearls....I thought the colors and pattern selection should be all out of line...I chose big dots, sml dots plaid ribbon..again leave me a comment so that i'll know you stopped by...and become a follower if you have not so far.....til next time,  KEEP YOUR MIND CREATING

Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello fellow-crafters!!! I really need to share this fantastic Haul I did from of all places TJ MAXX.....that's right...can you believe that TJ MAXX carried Martha Stewart's punches??? I was surfing the net last night and ran across someone who said she she found MS punches at TJ MAXX for $3.99.....I was so scared that I would not be able to take care of this great find that I woke up early to scout out the stores near me to see if they had this going on it never dawned on me that this person on the net might live in another state...the first location I went to did not have any...however I spotted a shopper leaving the store and yes she had some in her shopping bag and I thought just maybe there might be more left on the shelf...but no there wasn't any left.....so I asked the cashier for the next TJ MAXX in the area and they gave me the info so I was now bound and determined to succeed....when I approached the 2nd store it was like my body had GPS (lol) I went tot the first aisle I thought where they might be and BINGO...found them they only had 6 left and I double checked to see if the ones there on the shelf were not punches I already owned and I came up with 3...trust me folks you are looking at a great discount these punches are valued at $75....I paid $14 that is a great bargain....so let it be known that you never know where you will retrieve valuable information...and aren't we all lookin for bargains..so if you have not gone to TJ MAXX now would be the time to check them out..I picked up a "Deep edge puinch, a Punch around the page with a straight edge & corner punch combo, and finally a Punch all over the page punch!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello everyone and welcome to my site on "Touch of Tewshay" on Tews-day!!
today was a easy going type of day....on my way to run some errands traffic had me backed up on the freeway...but for some reason I was in no hurry...because it gave me time to reflect over my life and how folks are always in a hurry...today I was in no hurry...I thought about how blessed I am being able to enjoy my ride to where I was going..with the sun roof open...jazz blowing, the sun shinning down on me in my Lexus chillin-out  certain thoughts running through my mind made me smile so when I returned home I sat at my scrapbook table and the creation of this card came together......I hope this card inspires you to take time to smile like they say "laughter" is the best medicine and guess what it starts with a smile....and its FREE!
If this is your first visit to Touch of Tewshay please leave me a comment and become a follower  that is the only way I would know who stopped to visit, I always welcome followers and I do read the comments...I am showing the front of my card and the inside...until next time Keep Your Mind Creating!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Good Sunday afternoon!!!! Hope you are having a relaxing day of creating like I am.....I was in the mood to do a type of card that I know we all can relate to...this card says "HANG IN THERE" you never know just who receiving this card would smile cuz they know you've got their interest at heart and sometimes people just want to hear you encouraging them by saying don't give in or give up...how cool is this....so yes I will be making at least 24 of these (lol)..ok here is the recipe for this card..take 8 1/2 x 11" cut to 4 x 4 ( should give you 2 cards) , layer w/3 3/4" square for 1st layer, stripe at bottom 1 1/2 x 3", and you can place another strip measured the same above the first one,  trim with ribbon, I used a stamp for the sentiment, I used Couintry Life cart cut out at 2", white gel for decorative trim...until next time KEEP YOUR MIND CREATING

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sympathy Card

Hello fellow crafters! Hope you've been keeping cool and hydrated.....it's been really warm here in Los Angeles, Ca....but I'm sure the weather else where is not as low in temperature as it is here....my husband's cousin from Kansas, Mo. said the temperature was 107...not to mention humidity...WOW...glad I live here in southern Cal. anywho, today I wanted to finally get my handmade cards organized and placed them in a couple of palstic boxes so I spent the morning making dividers and labeled them and alphabetized them...starting with Anniversary, Birthday, Congrats, etc. when I got to Sympathy I realized that I never have enough of them pre-made soo I sat down and started creating and this is what I came up with. I took 8 1/2x 11" card and cut it in half to measure 8 /12 x 4 (4 1/4 x 4" )once folded this way you would easily get (2) cards from 1 sheet. I sifted through my stash of printed 12x12 to do some trim...and used my stampin-up scallop edge punch, used MS butterfly punch, added some ribbion, a flower pre-cut embellishment, some flat pearls added the finish touch.....the banner says "With Sympathy" and the inside  says "You are in our thoughts and prayers...guess I will be doing at least 20 sympathy cards...this came together so easy- peasy hope what I've accomplished today will inspire you to become just as creative and organized...until next time KEEP YOUR MIND CREATING"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello Fello Crafters.....I have not been able to upload my videos just yet...experiencing some technical difficulties... I am not going to give up...I've also been dealing with some cable issues so needless to say, I have been focusing on other things not my crafting hoping to get back to creating by friday...Whew....there's always something goin on...but isn't that life?
So soon I will be back on track...until next time.....Keep Your Mind Creating.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get Well Card

Hello Fellow Crafters!!!! Wow has this been a fast weekend...it seems as soon as friday passed, Sunday was here (lol)...how was your weekend so far? Mine was busy with taking my car to the self car-wash...it seems the last time I went to a car wash the workers manage to rip off part of my emblem on the rear of my car...now tell me what is a "EXUS" (lol) thank God I didn't get too upset over that since I am planning on getting the car re-painted in a few months...and then they can re-place the entire emblem....and not only that....it seems everybody at the car wash wanted to tell me that my front passenger tire was almost flat....I knew I needed to give my vehicle some attention sooo with my husband accompaning me he put air in my tire...this caused me some concern since I just received these new tires as a Xmas gift from my (2) youngest grown kids..soo now I'm concerned about having low tires...anywho I went to the Tire company on my warranty paper work and all is good now....when I created this card I was thinking of giving it to a person..but for some strange reason it is appropiate for my car to receive (lol)...creating this Center Fold card I pulled together colors of the ocean...a blue print from my stash...accented with buttons & twine, white butterflies...my WHALE is from Create a Critter cart. cut at 1.75" with bobble eyes...hope this inspires you to create all kinds of cards...until next time KEEP YOUR MIND CREATING

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello Fellow Crafters...I so love doing the Center Fold Step Cards....I have pre-made about 75 or so in different colors and today I decided to do one in black & white...the inside sentiment is a quote from "Phyllis Diller" saying "I'm at an age when MY BACK goes out more than I do" I thought this is a good uni-sex card...it is adorned with black butterflies, white mini flowers...and (1) huge polka-dot flower to match the polka-dot ribbon...and it looks great up against the striped background...hope this inspires you to mix it up as well...until next time KEEP YOUR MIND CREATING!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Touch of Tewshay Tews-Day

Hello fellow crafters!!!! I have decided to post something new and hopefully inspirational every Tuesday. I orignally had done a video that I wanted to post but for some strange reason my video camera is having an attitude issue....but like they always say "The show must go on" so I will post my creation anyway...Here is my latest and newest creation of a 'STEP-TRI-FOLD CARD". I know that this may not be new to a lot of you...but what is different about my card is it is larger than the one I saw on You Tube...I have the larger envelopes and I wanted to make sure I use them up...my card measures 5x5 1/2. I have some beautiful sentiments to stamp inside of my cards and they are for the larger cards....beleive it or not there are a lot of cards that I have seen on you-tube that only measure 3" or 4" and I just want to be able to make my cards a little larger. For those of you who would like the recipe for this card here you go: Start wth cardstock 5" x 11", measure in 1" from edge of bottom/and from the side 1" begin your cut from 1" to 6 1/2", flip over to do same on opposite side (you should now have (2) cuts measuring the same on each side of your cardstock...now you are ready to score...by lining up on your scorepal/or score board from the end of the cut..score 1" from the end to the cut line (do not go beyond the cut), next score @ the 2" mark to the cut line, and the final score line will be at 6 1/2" to the cut line now flip over the cardstock and repeat what you just did on this side...next you will fold at top of card outside scored lines, fold at the bottom on the score lines to make your valley folds, finally fold the center top of card after you have matched the bottom all the way across evenly...you can see it on you tube done by SLATERDEE...hope this inspires you...and by the way this is soo easy peasy to make & decorate...my made 77 cards already and now all i have to do is decorate them....have fun and keep your mind creating!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello fellow crafters....no matter how many cards you create you can never have too many birthday cards...I decided to make a couple more for the masculine gender....again I used no cartridges...I did use the Cuttlebug and did some embossing, used MS to punch some butterflies, added some ribbon to both cards to give some extra flair...I will be delivering these cards to both my mom (lives locally) and my youngest son (lives in Texas) I am looking to fly down to Austin Texas in the fall and bring him some handmade cards to give out to his friends...I am so ready for a trip...its been over 2 years since I was there...I hope you all are getting inspiration from my creations...I'm showing that you can be simple but accessorize your card with some embellishments you can make the card elegant/cute so until next time...KEEP YOUR MIND CREATING"

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Elegant Easel-Card

This card was designed to be given away to a person of mature age as a birthday card. You know you have to make birthday cards for all ages...I decided to keep this one elegant looking...did not need to use any cricut machines...and the only stamp used was for "Happy Birthday" and the sentiment on the inside of the card...I thought the flower blended quite well with the gross-grain printed with white flowers...but then I thought it was still missin something...so I added the butterfly then I added a couple more butterflies (MS) punch...then the green pearls brought it all together for me...I don't know about you but for some reason this year doing a banner flag cut is quite popular right now so I stamped the happy birthday on it ....I am now statisfied with the finished product...hope you like it as well...oops forgot to mention the Fiskars scalloped edge punch that was used on both the front of the card and the inside of card...until next time 'KEEP YOUR MIND CREATING"

Party with a Cupcake-Easel Card

OKAY...OKAY...OKAY...yep, I have gotten carried away with doing easel cards but I so luv the way they display the art work...this card was done with cutting the cupcake from Cricut Expression2...I cut the cupcake on 4", (used Sweet Treats Cart)used some stiokles to make it pop and bling, do you see the party hats below the cupcake, well those were stamped on in black and colored with my copics...yep the stamp was bought at Michaels out of the $1 bin so now can you imagine a lay out done with this border or better yet how about trimming a photo around that edge of the matting to show off the birthday person...how cute would that be...and on the bottom mid-point is the colored cupcakes...and before you ask absolutely another $1 stamp and colored with my copics...oh yeah I have been havin some fun with the $1 stamps and copics (lol)...well I hope this inspires you to take advantage of the $1 stamp bin at "Michaels"...also keep the comments coming ..luv reading them and if you have not joined as one of my followers..would also like to have you come on board...until next time "KEEP YOUR MIND CREATING"

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Card for a Friend

Hello fellow crafters...hope your 4th was safe & great! My last post was last thursday...I know that was 7 whole days ago...I was visited by 2 out of towners from my hubby's side of the family. So you know that your time is no longer your time while they were here visiting...they came in early friday morning...and they did not leave til late Sunday evening...so I had no time to sit and play in my craft room at all while they were here...the weekend was spent with a pre-4th cookout...that took up a lot of my time preparing food & entertaining other friends that came...we ended up with 9 folks to feed and entertain. Finally Monday came and I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to work on then I started creating Monday evening...then Tuesday came and I was put on hold again when I realized that one of my girlfriends birthday was coming in a few days....then I realized another one of my girlfriend's birthday is also rolling up in a few days also...so I stopped what I was working with to make sure I could get these cards completed and mailed out in time so here is another "Easel-Card" I created...I am also enclosing instructions on how to set card up easel style..hopefully they will figure it out...this card I am displaying today is done with stamping, Cricut Imagine, Tim Holtz flower maker, Fiskars scallop edge punch, stickles, and a beautiful crochet floral border ribbon that came with 9 other unique ribbons that I purchased at Costco a few months back....don't you just love Costco? The Imagine machine had the balloons on a cartridge called "BEST FRIENDS"...the Snail stamp was from the $1 bin at Michaels....I really love the sentiment "A True Friend remembers your birthday, not your age"...well I hope you get some inspirations from this card..until next time "KEEP YOUR MIND CREATING"......