Thursday, June 28, 2012


Good Thursday I am showing off my new Easel Cards that I created. These were super easy to create. What better way to enjoy a birthday card than to have them sit up at a vertical angle all the next project is to make them a little larger now that I know I can make them in any size I choose. And of course they fold down to fit nice & neat inside of an envelope...hope you are getting the crafting bug going on in your a pun...that is what the "Cricut" is......a bug (lol)..anywho going to do some more cards...until next time "Keep Your Mind Creating"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gate Fold Card

Good morning fellow crafters...yesterday after viewing You Tube I was inspired to make a GATE FOLD card.... again as I mentioned before I have quite a few birthday cards to make so as I make somthing new I make a couple & post one of them for my blog..this card was soo simple it was unreal how quick it took shape. The front of the card is measured 3 3/4x 3 3/4 (after folded) and the outside card is 7 1/4 with just the right side folded in to fit the inside of the smaller card...if you want exact measurements go to you tube...the person demostrating is wonderful...I used DCWV paper for my card and decided to add some solid cardstock blue/white to highlight the card, I thought the lime green sheer ribbon would add the magic touch, a couple of "Got Flowers" minatures set it off. I hope this will inspire you to create a few Gate Fold cards yourself...until next time..Keep Your Mind Creating!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Accordian Gift Card

Hey there, here is something I created just last night and thought it was soo stinkin's the accordian gift card where as you can see all the parts that makes it so cute. I was searching You Tube trying to find something cool to make and ran across a video of this type of card and you know I just had to make it...Now I am truly inspire to continue with my card making..I am also looking to do some creating with my Brand New Cricut Expression2..again another story will tell ya about that once I create with it...but if you ever want inspiration just go to You will find tons of things to create...well guess I have updated you on my latest creations...time to get back to the craft table and crank out something else cute or inspiring or both (lol) until next time..."Keep those Minds Creating"


We've all heard of a Bear Hug, well this is a Monkey Hug..Isn't it cute..again I was having a great time with my would be great to send this to someone who is in need a hug..this elephant is really enjoying the show of affection (lol) ...well I guess you are probably a little shocked to see so many postings in such a short amount of's just I have had to adjust to not doing my crafts...and I guess I missed it soo much that I decided nothing was more important to me than doin my crafts so there you have it, so from this day forward you will see more of my creations coming to you..

If I'd Known you were coming!!!

Do you remember that old saying...If I'd known you were coming...I would have baked you a cake (lol) I really like this card..hmmm I just might keep it for my stash..I am on a mission to supply my mom & and my son with some cards to have on hand to give out..I also have a BFF that I have not sent cards to in a long time, and I have a favorite cousin that I send some of my cards to, but the problem with cuz is she doesn't want to send them out she wants to keep them for herself (LOL)..but again..this one is adorable


Isn't she adorable..using copics made this little sweetheart "INSPIRE" something that would & could inspire the person you send it to....hope you get inspiration from this to do some any occassion cards...until next time "keep your minds creating"

Monday, June 25, 2012

I am in the mood to do some birthday's time to fill up my stash for some birthday often do you find yourself wishing you had a pile of birthday cards to choose from (lol) I am comitting to making at least cards for girls, boys, men & women that way I can be on top of my game...hope you like this one. I thought the Teddy Bear was a cutie pie!!
Happy Birthday Ernie, My BRO-N-Law...Today is his birthday!!! this car was fun to create!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I was having a great time with this card using my copics ... sometimes its fun to make a any occassion card..hope you are inspired to do come copic coloring..see you next time.