Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Valentine's Day Creation

I am really enjoying the cartridge "Wild Card" is how this card came to being...I saw someone on the website with a envelope and a Valentine coming out of the I decided I was going to make something similar and I chose to make my envelope 3" from the wild card 3 large valentines are punched from a heart punch 2", the overlayed angled heart is a store bought embellishment that I added, then I thought it would look really cute with facial yes, I use my "Peachy Keen" "critter-face" stamps and colored in the eyes of the Valentine's peeking out from around the center white valentine, the (2) valentine's in white with the swirls is a punch from MS....the sentinment "hugs to you" is a stamp and the card itself is from recollection....oh yes the tiny foil hearts are also store purchased embellishments...overall ....I think I like the way this card came together and it was fun to create...hope you enjoy it and can get some inspirations from it as well...happy friday hope your weekend will be filled with crafting hours.....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday 1-27-11

Gotta love this cute with the facial expression.....I truly enjoyed putting the saying "Luv U Berry Much"...this one also from cartridge "Preserves"....all 3 of these cards were made from pre-cut cards from "Recollection" and decorated with layers of co-ordinating papers from my old stash...hope you enjoy and get inspiration to create from these.

Thursday 1-27-11

I simply could not resist the saying "Have a Grape Day" with this bunch of grapes....the glitter gave it that extra bling...this one was also from the cartridge "Preserves" I think I am getting the hang of working with the twine.....can't wait til the co-ordinating colors come from the twinery!

Thursday 1-27-11

Hello's Thursday and I felt the need to do some cards from "Preserves" I like the idea of being able to put cute faces on my fruits...(lol) and I have added some sentiments that I have been saying for years....hope you like this card...I am also trying my hand at adding twine...I have not yet received my order from the for now I am using jewelry twine....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kitty Cat

Happy Monday I designed a cute Kitty Cat from the "Create A Critter" and I completely designed this character on my GYPSY....gotta luv hiding the facial features on the Gypsy...if you don't own a should...especially now, the prices are way down...then you can put a "Critter Face"  from "Peachy Keen Stamps" isn't that smile just the cutest.....this card can be used for any occassion, I did some embossing on my cuddlebug, and used MS Crown punch to trim the black...this card size is A2...
just happen to have some black/pink polka dot ribbon to match....hope you like.....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

gift box for handmade cards

I am sooo excited for my youngest daughter who will be coming to spend some time with me next Sunday...I asked her if she wanted to make some cards for herself to have to give to her friends, co-workers and she said "Yeah, that sounds like fun" she doesn't know that I have made this box for her to keep her special cards in....I will teach her how to use the Cuddle Bug, Cricut Expression and oh yes the Cricut Imagine.... I know that she will get a kick out of howmuch fun these machines are to use....her favorite color is purple....again I took a paper machie box from Michales, covered it using red tape to secure the various papers used in this project the recipe is as follows:Top/Lid=cut (1) piece @ 7 1/2" square, Lid sides=1"x7 1/2 "(cut 4 strips)
box bottom is: sides @ 3"x7 1/4" (cut 4 strips)
Decorate with your favorite embellishments...I used pearls, ribbon, silk flower, paper flowers, satin off-white rose buds in the corners...all of the embellishments were attached with my hot-glue gun.
Hope this will inspire some of you to create something beautiful to hold/keep your beautiful handmade cards in.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I always thought that by the time I get my scraproom I would be satisfied with the way I set it up, but just like others who have mentioned this are never satisfied...(lol) all it takes is a purchase of something new and wham.....there goes the entire set start with ...Where am I goin to put this new item? Then you move one thing then the next thing you know the entire room needs a makeover, or rearranging (lol)
So for those of you who are viewing my scraproom for the first time...Let me bring you up to date...I received a gift card from a friend to shop at Ross...(a discount store) I wasn't sure what I was going to buy until after I started shoppin around in the store....well the newest addition to my room is (2) beautiful wire dress forms that look like ballerina's, (1) new huge wire cup/saucer that holds my special scissors, and since I have got to have a place to put all of my sales ads for crafting in one spot that way when I head out on my bargain shoppin spree I can put my hands on the coupons, ads etc. so I bought this beautiful wire magazine holder.
There is a story on how I turned these (2) wire dress forms into (2) clip-it-up holders!
As I strolled through the home decor dept. of the store, I walked right past these items..then I backed up and stood there wondering what are these and if I could transform them into something useful...then the light bulb came on...I could remove the plastic tear-drop jewels that hung as tassels ...and there were 21 of these annoying little jewels...and maybe I could convert them with the drape clips and just might work....then I got excited and as I was walking away...I thought whoa...better go back and get the other just in case I will need both...for the price of $11ea.  you couldn't beat I approached my car to put my pkgs inr...all of the sudden I had brain fart...(lol) I couldn't remember where to buy the daggum drapery clips ..I put out calls to folks who owned one called me I went to one store and they did not carry them...went to Target to the drapery/curtain dept. and breathe a sigh of relief....of course I had to go to another Target to complete my purchase because I needed total of 42clips and I was short by 14...(lol) sorry for making this so long....but as you can see persistency won out...and I am sooo happy about my finds and the great idea to create my very own CLIP-IT-UP in the style of my scraproom decor....enjoy....comments are welcomed...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentines Cards

Tell me cute is this sentiment......again thought I would use my "Nifty-Fifties" cart to add the sewing machine...and while I was at it...a couple of buttons completed the look....the bling was added to the store purchased sentiment around the circle and the heart...I believe it came in a pack of 90 and I picked these up at Michaels last week for about $4.99 anyway this card is complete with K&Co. background valentines print comes in a tablet of 18 sheets also for about $4.99 @ Michaels it is called Die-Cut Cardmaking Pad.....hope you like!

Valentines Cards

You know I could not resist using this telephone along with this remember the old saying...less is more, well I think this card says it all.
The cart used for the phone was from "Nifty-Fifties" and I used a stamp for the saying, I think I purchased it from the neighborhood stamp place...and the Heart is from MS punch....I love the style of this heart it is sooo would also look great to border a LO or just place strategically on a LayOut page...I punched it in white and glittered it up with MS glitter pen...see how fine point her pens are.... you can actually write with the glitter pen if you choose to....this is a A-2 card, white background is embossed with circles-swirls...hope you like....
I was able to take advantage of the great sale on carts at Michaels for $9.99 for the past couple of weeks...although they are pretty much all gone now, but to my surprise I snatched this one "Preserves" just last Sunday and I thought I would create this Apple Card...Apple was cut at 4", the heart shape cut was done on a punch I purchased a few years ago..I printed the sentiment on the now changes this fruit card into a "LOVE" card....I used some felt trim that I purchased at Michaels a couple of years back on their $1 rack then I thought this card is also in need of some bling-bling so I use my MS glitter glue pens....if you use your 50% off coupon at Michaels you will find that most of MS products are not on sale and you too will be able to get her glitter pens for half the get 24 pens for only $15 which normally sells for $29.99...ok enough about promoting other items....I so love how cute this card came out...hope you enjoy!!

Valentines Cards

YAY IT'S many of you feel that your day just does not get rollin until you've had your morning too (lol) I thought this was the appropriate sentiment so I used my "Winter Frolic" cart and decided to make this cup of joe in lady pink colors...afterall we as women can do it all.
cup was cut at 4", stamp used was purchased at Joanns...I thought the overall card could use some bling-bling...hope you like!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Arrival

Hello, I decided to make a couple of newborn cards early this year. Usually I wait until I hear about a new birth before making a card, but as my day started out early this morning I ran into a girlfriend while I was shopping at Michaels and she informed me that she is becoming a grandma again in March and it's a boy, so I thought I would make the cards ahead of time and while I was at it, I would make one also for a girl just in case I need one in pink. I went with the standard white card base from Recolletions, and overlayed each card with another color just 1/4" smaller, then overlayed that with the another embossed dotted swiss design, the cartridge used was "New Arrival", cut the babies at 4", and the diaper also...the lettering was cut from the same cartridge at 1", added ribbon, the bottom was eyelet lace from MS punch I added some pink blush for the little girl and a tiny pink ribbon on the top of her curl!
These were fun to do...hope you like them...until next time

Saturday, January 15, 2011


This is a sympathy card I made for a close friend & neighbor who recently lost his father a couple of days ago.
The card itself is a purchased in a pre-pack from Recollections 5x6.5" by 5.25x7.25"
I took another piece of black cardstock 5x4.5 and overlayed it with a piece of white cardstock 4.5x4 ran it through the emboss folder "birds & swirls" then I overlayed the bottom with black cardstock and punched it with MS eyelet lace, I added the extra 1" trim of print paper to complete the black/white look I was going for and added at the top of the embossing section some white with black dot ribbon. the cartridege writing is from Jasmine Cart & the swirl design is from Don Juan Cart.
Hope you like.....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jan 14th

Okay you baby-boomers....can you relate to this cartridge? That's right, it is Nifty Fifties I just received this yesterday and I am tellin you...I have been having a good time creating with it.
If you don't own it, you should. I cannot wait to see what else I can create from it over the weekend.
I also received the cartridge "New Arrival" so I guess I am trying to make sure I stay ahead of the game and have a variety of cards ready for any occasion! Ok, now the details of creating these two cards, the dress form card was done according to the cartridge sample in the book, and you will be able to get the details from that, this Happy Days card was done from cutting a 8 1/2x11 cardstock in half, forming a A2 size card
then I layered the green base card with a pink cardstock 4" x 5" , the overlay white card is 1/4" smaller which is 3 3/4"x4 3/4", then you emboss the white card with circles & swirls, the bottom argyle paper is cut at 1 1/2" then punched with MS Bubble Bath Punch, the Happy Days lettering was done on Jubilee at 1", and oh yeah the musical notes from the nifty-fifties cart at 3/4", the record was cut smaller @ 1" ...hope you  like these...they were fun to create...
until next time....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get Whale Soon Cards

Don't you just love it when you can utilize all of your tools to create something simple?
I had been toying around with my Gypsy and I had not been familiar with some of the great things this tool can provide...but after watching videos on special features this gypsy can do for you...I will from now on take the time to layout my card images and select what I want to hide during the cut...for example your cricut expression will automatically cut out the facial features...but I wanted to use my Peachy Keen stamps to put this adorable face on ...aren't they cute....once I learned how to remove and hide the cricut cartridge cuts from the was easy to layout my different color paper on the mat, plug in my Gypsy and watch it jump from layer to layer doing it own thing...Viola...this is the end results...for those of you who own a Gypsy and was like me...reluctant to use all the features available...I say...this is a new year which calls for some new action....use your tools and the features available to will find it makes your creating time more enjoyable and more are gonna Luv the results...hope you enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JAN 11th

Hello everyone, I was inspired by the new cartridge I purchased a couple of days ago when Michael's had their sale of $69.99 cartridges for $ I did not know why I wanted Paisely cartridge, but I am glad I got it...isn't this purse cute...I have been viewing other websites to get some inspiration and boy let me tell you...Pinke really has it going on...she is great...check her out she is at
She is great with her ideas, explaining very thorough with her videos...I was excited to know she had something created with "Paisely" that I liked...I could hardly wait until today to create something with the cartridge...the main thing I like about Pinke is that she incorporates other tools and ideas to complete her project, for example this card was made from 8 1/2x 11 cut in half, then folded to give a A-2 size card, she used her cuddlebug to make the background more than plain, so I used the circles, then she steps you through using MS-Punch of which I also already had...the diff in my card and hers beside the color combo, I don't have the "Pink Stamper" stamp she used, so I went with the saying on the cartridge "Shop Til You Drop" overall it turned out great!
Hope you like it as well....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011-creating with the Imagine

I am soo loving the cartridge "Create A Critter"...I also created this Hippo from the cartridge and designed the colors from the Imagine is great not having to spend so much time going through my stash of card stock looking for the colored just select your image, then you select what colors you want to paint your image on you imagine machine place the white cardstock on the mat and then Viola!!!! I did do something extra to this hippo, I placed the wiggly eyes on her, and added some bling to spots on her hind-side, and a store bought paper flower, she is popped with pop-dots, and placed on top of green embossed paper to make her colors pop a little more and beleive it or not, I just happen to find in my stash this saying "HIP HIP HOORAY! so actually the card initially started with the saying....I added some torquoise polka-dot ribbon and there she is.... happy hippo....I will save this for some who did something worth celebrating about....hope you like it!

2011-creating with the Imagine

I created this Poodle from "Create A Critter" cartridge on my Imagine machine! My plan is to utilize all of the equipment I have to get the best creations I can. It was great seleting the image, then designing the colors from the image color palette....then I decide to bling out the white on this poodle...the stamp says " I didn't forget your birthday, I'm just fashionably late! I am getting a jump start on making birthday cards so when the occasion comes...I will be ready to send out them...but in this case, it's ok to remember their birthday after it has passed that's why you have cards to admit you are late in sending it (lol) hope you like.....


Here is a cute little basket/box made from 12x12 cardstock and decorated with Valentines paper and embellishments...I found this on another website giving instructions on how make was a good video on how to make this box and I enjoyed making will serve well as a centerpiece for holding SEE'S lollipops for next month....


Hello everyone....after the New Year festivities are's time to focus on the other holidays that are right around the I thought I would start with some Valentine's cards and creations to share with you.
I made this card with my embossing folder and my cuddlebug, added some polka dot paper trim, did a strip of matching pink/brown ribbon, added some bling to the card that has embossed hearts all over, and a couple of embellishments that were purchased a few years back....I found them in my stash and I can't remember where I bought them....enjoy!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Entry for Pink Stamper Design Team Challenge

I was just getting my creative juices flowing when I came across the recent challenge posted by Robyn from "My Pink Stamper" to compete for one of the positions available for her design team! WOW...what an accomplishment that would be for me...I have never been on a Designing Team and it would definitely be an honor to design for her...She stated she wanted us to use her favorite (3) colors: Pink, Green, Brown and a optional color of our own optional color was tan for the background of my 12x12 page layout.
I want to go into 2011 with a positive mindset so I selected my theme to be built around a stamp that says:
"Take Time to Enjoy The Simple Things in Life" and my favorite cartridge is "Create A Critter" here is how my recipe came together for this layout:
Background paper 12x12 from s.e.i (tan straw)
Pink & Green & Brown: Bazzill Paper
Border @ top: My Minds Eye-cut 2"x12"trimmed with Martha Stewart edge border "Spring" punch
Tag from:Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge
brown tag cut at 4 1/4", pink tag cut at 4"..
stamped with chocolate chip ink from stampin' up
Photo placement card: green cut @ 4 1/2x6 1/2", pink overlay card cut @ 4 1/4"x6 1/4"
ribbon used on both tag & photo card purchased at Joann's fabrics
Create A Critter cartridge was used to cut grass, & turtle both at 4", the pink shell on turtle was also cut at 4"
Butterfly-store purchased embellshment
Turtle was outlined with White Gelly-Roll pen, Face was stamped from Peachy Keen everyday character face assortment...used 1 3/8" and colored in eyes w/white gelly-roll pen.