Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello fellow crafters....I am finally certified to do Health Insurance Policies for Business owners/employees. I was in training for 4 weeks and let me tell you.....my brain felt like it was fried daily with  retention of information.
With all of that behind me now, I am still free to work for myself as an independent agent representing AFLAC!
I have already decided to work Mon-Thurs. and take Friday as my off day weekly....afterall a girl has to have some play time (lol)...slowly but surely I will be able to get into a routine of  working & helping others and spending my off work time on creating and having time to share my creations with you.
Since this is my first weekend of offtime--away from books & brochures to study...I decided to create something from my Cricut Imagine ...I chose to make the following cards for mother's day, I sent out a few of these to close friends and realtives and of course my mom.
Hope you like how they turned out....enjoy until next time

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