Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Accordian Gift Card

Hey there, here is something I created just last night and thought it was soo stinkin cute...it's the accordian gift card where as you can see all the parts that makes it so cute. I was searching You Tube trying to find something cool to make and ran across a video of this type of card and you know I just had to make it...Now I am truly inspire to continue with my card making..I am also looking to do some creating with my Brand New Cricut Expression2..again another story will tell ya about that once I create with it...but if you ever want inspiration just go to You Tube...you will find tons of things to create...well guess I have updated you on my latest creations...time to get back to the craft table and crank out something else cute or inspiring or both (lol) until next time..."Keep those Minds Creating"

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