Thursday, August 9, 2012

Re-Organization to accomodate an old spice rack

Hello Fellow Crafters!!!! I spent the past week re-doing my scraproom...all of this happened because I took an old spice rack an recycled it to hold my brads & eyelets...and that meant I would have to re-organize a wall cause I wanted to display my recycled spice rack, so I bought a new cabinet to sit some other items on anyway during this process I also found a huge bag with ribbon and decided to make some ribbon bobbins & that way when I need to attend a crop I can toss them into a baggie & off I go...I am also going to display the cabinet so if you need to get one of these they are at Lowes for $15.99 and they come in black, white, tan...hope this inspires you to get organized as well.oh and I also found that on the last photo that because my Exp2 is shorter than my Reg-Exp the cover I made last year for the regular expression (which died ot 4 mos ago) fits my new Exp2 I thought that was great!!!!.....until next time...Keep Your Mind Creating.

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