Saturday, June 18, 2011

Showing My Scrap Area

 Creations With Christina wants us to show our scrap area, I must say I did get inspired to do a little cleaning first, but for the most part my room does stay in order...the only thing that I did differently this time was to take time to rearrange a few areas,,,,,I did get inspired from viewing some of the other crafters' rooms first, so here goes...........This is the view you see when you step into the room.
 This is where I sit to create my projects, I used the roledex for organizing my rubber stamps, it has the images of every stamp I have on it and tells me if it is in a binder, or drawer. I have wine bottle holders with glass tumblers to house my gel pens. Yes there are 2 ATG guns, I lost one of the inner parts to rotate the tape, and after purchasing another gun, I found that I could order extra parts....oh well, it's ok to have 2.
this is where I sit to work on my computer, next to a hutch that houses some of my flowers, and juke box, 12x12 cardstock, ontop is my magazine holders, and my IPod w/fm radio....gotta have some music while being creative....
 next to the hutch, is my Die Cut  Station...I have my Imagine, Expression, Cuttlebug, Gypsy and underneath is the jet cubes from Michales, with more paper rubber stamps...
 next to the Die Cut Station, I have a shoe rack that holds my Cricut Carts...they are all alphabetized, along with my Imagine Carts.
 Ahhhh yes the ribbons, glitter, embossing powders, and paints, buttons, flowers, antique spray inks.
I decided that these votive candle holders would best be served to house my bright buttons.....
 I just made these dust covers a few days ago...and monogramed my blog name on far I have made one for my Imagine, Expression...and below I just finished the dust cover for my cuttlebug..
 I truly enjoyed creating these...they turned out great! They are all fully lined & padded. In the future I will be creating one for my sewing machine, & big shot! To order Dust Covers...see side bar!
 this is where I keep my Big Shot, Your Story, Xron Label Makers, Quick Kutz, Crop-A-Diles (1) & (2), (7) different trimmers, Score Pal, on the 2nd sheld I have various containers to keep my cuttlebug embossing folders, die cuts for my Big Shot, cutting mats for my creative memories templates, notebooks/tablets, below are empty photo albums, and few that are half full, my real pride & joy is on the top where I purchased at Ross the (2) dress forms that I turned into clip it ups! I got both of the forms for less than $25..all I had to do was purchase the drapery clips, the clips cost me more than the dress forms (lol) but it was sooo worth it to get my embellishments hung up and organized.
 this photo show off my other embellishments, such as my pearls in the round canisters, these came from Costco on a spice rack, they're magnetized, the drop down spice rack is from IKEA, and so are the towel racks, the buckets also, they house my various glues, mod podge, next to that I have displayed my MS collection of punches, I could probably fill the wall to the ceiling with the other punches that I have stored in my wicker drawer....
this area is for my sewing, although in the 1st drawer are my other punches, above the sewing machine I  have a couple of shelves for displaying my most recent creation of cards to the wicker dresser which i picked up at a yard sale for $10...gotta love those yard other ribbons are stored next to it and next to the ribbons are my stampin up inkpads some day I look forward to purchasing more ink pads.
Well, this is pretty much my scrap area...I hope you enjoyed the tour......


  1. BEAUTIFUL Scraproom!!! TFS! Love your pen holders, and your clip it up's you made. Also love the red/white/black color scheme and your covers for your cricut's. Beautiful job!!! :-)

  2. Really pretty scrap room. I love to look at others craft areas. Every craft room has something that someone else wants or wants to organize like. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I will do the same, this way we can comment on each others projects.

  3. Love your craft room. I think you need to come and help me with mine. I have a sewing machine like yours which is about 2 years old. I have had the most problems with it so I kinda lost interest.How has yours been? i was a little disappointed after paying so much for it. Love your dust covers too.

  4. What a lovely room and so classy. I love how organized you are. Soooo not jealous...LOL I love your dust covers :) Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love your room. I really like the cricut dust cover, I have a sewing maching and never use it. I also love the wine holder for pens. You have some great storage ideas. I am really glad you stopped by for a visit now that I am your newest follower we can stay in touch.
    Will see you soon. TFS Traci

  6. Thank you so much for becoming a follower of my blog and stopping by. It's so great to meet such creative people and to be able to share what we all love to do. I am now a follower of your blog and will look forward to being inspired by you! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Just wanted you to know that I have chosen you for a blog award. Please head on over to my blog to collect your award.
    Thanks for the inspirations.

  8. this is a BEAUTIFUL craft room! thanks for following my blog!

  9. Hi there, I'm a friend of Ana from Scrappy Pink Corner. I'm so glad I found your blog, LOVE your scrap room, is so pretty. I love your wall color and all that space.

  10. Lots of fabulous photos and ideas! Love the color :) Your dust covers are truly fantastic.

  11. Love your craft room... glad to see you have plenty of space for those cuttlebug embossing Thanks for visiting my blog... HUGS...SK :)

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  13. Thanks for following my blog! T.O.T tote...what a great idea, and I love your dust covers, great job!