Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hello fellow crafters!!! I am introducing to you my latest is something you will enjoy having with you at your crops! I call it- T.O.T. (Touch Of Tewshay) Tote!!
you can see it is made with (8) pockets and (1) large center to hold embellishments, and when you are ready to travel with it, you draw it close with the ribbon. You have the option to use it with the pockets on the inside, or if you chose, turn it inside out and use the pockets on the out side (as shown in the last photo)
This Tote is 4" high and it is completely machine wash/dry. It will fit nice and neat in your other crop bags....imagine being at an all day crop and you brought along your T.O.T. - TOTE filled with your rhinestones, buttons, brads, buttons etc. you can order in any (2) color combination...they are $10


  1. Hello, I tried to email you for the dust cover price list and it failed. How can I contact you for the price list? Thanks Adrian

  2. What a great bag for stashing all sorts of fun things :) I could see people using it when they travel to pack jewelry in as well!