Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello fellow-crafters!!! I really need to share this fantastic Haul I did from of all places TJ MAXX.....that's right...can you believe that TJ MAXX carried Martha Stewart's punches??? I was surfing the net last night and ran across someone who said she she found MS punches at TJ MAXX for $3.99.....I was so scared that I would not be able to take care of this great find that I woke up early to scout out the stores near me to see if they had this going on it never dawned on me that this person on the net might live in another state...the first location I went to did not have any...however I spotted a shopper leaving the store and yes she had some in her shopping bag and I thought just maybe there might be more left on the shelf...but no there wasn't any I asked the cashier for the next TJ MAXX in the area and they gave me the info so I was now bound and determined to succeed....when I approached the 2nd store it was like my body had GPS (lol) I went tot the first aisle I thought where they might be and BINGO...found them they only had 6 left and I double checked to see if the ones there on the shelf were not punches I already owned and I came up with me folks you are looking at a great discount these punches are valued at $75....I paid $14 that is a great let it be known that you never know where you will retrieve valuable information...and aren't we all lookin for if you have not gone to TJ MAXX now would be the time to check them out..I picked up a "Deep edge puinch, a Punch around the page with a straight edge & corner punch combo, and finally a Punch all over the page punch!

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