Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Touch of Tewshay Tews-Day

Hello fellow crafters!!!! I have decided to post something new and hopefully inspirational every Tuesday. I orignally had done a video that I wanted to post but for some strange reason my video camera is having an attitude issue....but like they always say "The show must go on" so I will post my creation anyway...Here is my latest and newest creation of a 'STEP-TRI-FOLD CARD". I know that this may not be new to a lot of you...but what is different about my card is it is larger than the one I saw on You Tube...I have the larger envelopes and I wanted to make sure I use them up...my card measures 5x5 1/2. I have some beautiful sentiments to stamp inside of my cards and they are for the larger cards....beleive it or not there are a lot of cards that I have seen on you-tube that only measure 3" or 4" and I just want to be able to make my cards a little larger. For those of you who would like the recipe for this card here you go: Start wth cardstock 5" x 11", measure in 1" from edge of bottom/and from the side 1" begin your cut from 1" to 6 1/2", flip over to do same on opposite side (you should now have (2) cuts measuring the same on each side of your cardstock...now you are ready to score...by lining up on your scorepal/or score board from the end of the cut..score 1" from the end to the cut line (do not go beyond the cut), next score @ the 2" mark to the cut line, and the final score line will be at 6 1/2" to the cut line now flip over the cardstock and repeat what you just did on this side...next you will fold at top of card outside scored lines, fold at the bottom on the score lines to make your valley folds, finally fold the center top of card after you have matched the bottom all the way across evenly...you can see it on you tube done by SLATERDEE...hope this inspires you...and by the way this is soo easy peasy to make & decorate...my made 77 cards already and now all i have to do is decorate them....have fun and keep your mind creating!

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