Saturday, January 22, 2011


I always thought that by the time I get my scraproom I would be satisfied with the way I set it up, but just like others who have mentioned this are never satisfied...(lol) all it takes is a purchase of something new and wham.....there goes the entire set start with ...Where am I goin to put this new item? Then you move one thing then the next thing you know the entire room needs a makeover, or rearranging (lol)
So for those of you who are viewing my scraproom for the first time...Let me bring you up to date...I received a gift card from a friend to shop at Ross...(a discount store) I wasn't sure what I was going to buy until after I started shoppin around in the store....well the newest addition to my room is (2) beautiful wire dress forms that look like ballerina's, (1) new huge wire cup/saucer that holds my special scissors, and since I have got to have a place to put all of my sales ads for crafting in one spot that way when I head out on my bargain shoppin spree I can put my hands on the coupons, ads etc. so I bought this beautiful wire magazine holder.
There is a story on how I turned these (2) wire dress forms into (2) clip-it-up holders!
As I strolled through the home decor dept. of the store, I walked right past these items..then I backed up and stood there wondering what are these and if I could transform them into something useful...then the light bulb came on...I could remove the plastic tear-drop jewels that hung as tassels ...and there were 21 of these annoying little jewels...and maybe I could convert them with the drape clips and just might work....then I got excited and as I was walking away...I thought whoa...better go back and get the other just in case I will need both...for the price of $11ea.  you couldn't beat I approached my car to put my pkgs inr...all of the sudden I had brain fart...(lol) I couldn't remember where to buy the daggum drapery clips ..I put out calls to folks who owned one called me I went to one store and they did not carry them...went to Target to the drapery/curtain dept. and breathe a sigh of relief....of course I had to go to another Target to complete my purchase because I needed total of 42clips and I was short by 14...(lol) sorry for making this so long....but as you can see persistency won out...and I am sooo happy about my finds and the great idea to create my very own CLIP-IT-UP in the style of my scraproom decor....enjoy....comments are welcomed...

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  1. i love your Craft room, you have everything organized like i
    Good job