Sunday, January 23, 2011

gift box for handmade cards

I am sooo excited for my youngest daughter who will be coming to spend some time with me next Sunday...I asked her if she wanted to make some cards for herself to have to give to her friends, co-workers and she said "Yeah, that sounds like fun" she doesn't know that I have made this box for her to keep her special cards in....I will teach her how to use the Cuddle Bug, Cricut Expression and oh yes the Cricut Imagine.... I know that she will get a kick out of howmuch fun these machines are to use....her favorite color is purple....again I took a paper machie box from Michales, covered it using red tape to secure the various papers used in this project the recipe is as follows:Top/Lid=cut (1) piece @ 7 1/2" square, Lid sides=1"x7 1/2 "(cut 4 strips)
box bottom is: sides @ 3"x7 1/4" (cut 4 strips)
Decorate with your favorite embellishments...I used pearls, ribbon, silk flower, paper flowers, satin off-white rose buds in the corners...all of the embellishments were attached with my hot-glue gun.
Hope this will inspire some of you to create something beautiful to hold/keep your beautiful handmade cards in.

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