Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get Whale Soon Cards

Don't you just love it when you can utilize all of your tools to create something simple?
I had been toying around with my Gypsy and I had not been familiar with some of the great things this tool can provide...but after watching videos on special features this gypsy can do for you...I will from now on take the time to layout my card images and select what I want to hide during the cut...for example your cricut expression will automatically cut out the facial features...but I wanted to use my Peachy Keen stamps to put this adorable face on ...aren't they cute....once I learned how to remove and hide the cricut cartridge cuts from the was easy to layout my different color paper on the mat, plug in my Gypsy and watch it jump from layer to layer doing it own thing...Viola...this is the end results...for those of you who own a Gypsy and was like me...reluctant to use all the features available...I say...this is a new year which calls for some new action....use your tools and the features available to will find it makes your creating time more enjoyable and more are gonna Luv the results...hope you enjoy!!!!

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  1. These are just adorable. You go gurl and use those toys.