Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Arrival

Hello, I decided to make a couple of newborn cards early this year. Usually I wait until I hear about a new birth before making a card, but as my day started out early this morning I ran into a girlfriend while I was shopping at Michaels and she informed me that she is becoming a grandma again in March and it's a boy, so I thought I would make the cards ahead of time and while I was at it, I would make one also for a girl just in case I need one in pink. I went with the standard white card base from Recolletions, and overlayed each card with another color just 1/4" smaller, then overlayed that with the another embossed dotted swiss design, the cartridge used was "New Arrival", cut the babies at 4", and the diaper also...the lettering was cut from the same cartridge at 1", added ribbon, the bottom was eyelet lace from MS punch I added some pink blush for the little girl and a tiny pink ribbon on the top of her curl!
These were fun to do...hope you like them...until next time


  1. Those are Awesome

  2. I am amazed as to how AWESOME these look. I'd be surprised if someone didn't snap these up from you like THAT. I can't wait to see what you put up here for Valentine's Day! Hehe


  3. Hi Mary, I met you last Sunday at Micheal and I am dropping a line. I love your baby cards. That is one of the cartridges I would like to get. There are a few babies being born around me.