Friday, January 21, 2011

I was able to take advantage of the great sale on carts at Michaels for $9.99 for the past couple of weeks...although they are pretty much all gone now, but to my surprise I snatched this one "Preserves" just last Sunday and I thought I would create this Apple Card...Apple was cut at 4", the heart shape cut was done on a punch I purchased a few years ago..I printed the sentiment on the now changes this fruit card into a "LOVE" card....I used some felt trim that I purchased at Michaels a couple of years back on their $1 rack then I thought this card is also in need of some bling-bling so I use my MS glitter glue pens....if you use your 50% off coupon at Michaels you will find that most of MS products are not on sale and you too will be able to get her glitter pens for half the get 24 pens for only $15 which normally sells for $29.99...ok enough about promoting other items....I so love how cute this card came out...hope you enjoy!!


  1. Love the apple and overall design! Great job!